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Thermoplastic Road Marking Material
Hotmelt Thermoplastic Road Marking Material contains hydrocarbon resin, polymer, mineral oil, titanium dioxide, limestone extender, glass beads and limestone aggregates in accordance with International Standards

Automark Technologies (India) Pvt. Ltd. can manufacture thermoplastic road marking materials to comply with the following standards, or as required by our customers:

  • MORTH, 
  • BS 3262:Part 1:1989,
  • BS EN 1871,
  • JIS K 5655,
  • AASHTO M-249

We provide different grades of thermoplastic materials depending on whether the application is to be screed, extrusion or spray.

Automark Technologies (India) Pvt. Ltd. is also able to provide specialized thermoplastic materials for producing structured road markings and raised profile marking / rib marking.

We manufacture our thermoplastic materials to meet the various climatic conditions encountered around the world.

Thermoplastic materials are available in white and yellow colours. We can manufacture other colours on request.

Technical Data Sheets and MSDS available on request.


Thermoplastic /
Glass Bead Estimator

Thickness (mm) :
Width (cm) :
Length (mtr) :
Glass Beads(gms/ :
Area (sq. mtr) : 0.00
TRMM (kgs) : 0.00
Glass Beads (kgs) : 0.00
TRMM : 00
Glass Beads : 00

Key Features

  • Available in white and yellow colours
  • Technical Data Sheet
  • MSDS available


  • Title : ISO 9001 2015 Certification
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    ISO 9001 2015 Certification

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    ANACON LABORATORIES, Nagpur is a NABIL accredited analytical testing laboratory and now a leading Environmental Consultancy firm in Central India region

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    National Test House, Delhi Kolkata and Mumbai, is largest multi-location, multi-disciplinary industrial testing laboratory in India.

  • Title : ANU LAB, AGRA
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    Anu Lab, Agra is a NABL accredited testing laboratory Aand the most technically advanced engineering laboratories in India offering a full range of testing and analytical services.

  • Title : Ministry of Roads, Republic of Kenya
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    Ministry of Roads, Republic of Kenya, also approved the Thermoplastic Road Marking Material confirming KS : 2157 standards. 

  • Title : IRC Accreditation Certification of Thermoplastic Material
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    Certificate of IRC Accreditation of New / Alternative Materials / Techniques / Technologies / Equipments for adoption in the Highway Sector Namely "AUTOMARK"- Thermoplastic Road Marking Material.