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Fully Automatic Thermoplastic Road Marking Machine: MODEL - ATOM 9
ATOM 9 : Fully Automatic Self propelled Motorized Operator Driven Programmable Road Marking Machine
  • Engine : Briggs & Stratton Electric Start, 13HP Petrol driven, 3600 RPM, air cooled & Environment friendly engine.
  • Chassis : Strong & stable welded profile frame construction. Motor & Hydraulic pump mounted in one unit but separated from chassis frame.
  • Transmission : Hydrostatic pump to produce 0−5 km/hr marking speed, smooth start & stop. Directly connected with High torque hydraulic motor.
  • Air Compressor : Twin Cylinder air compressor light weight capable to produce  330 Litre/Min of air. Silencer for compressor, air-safety valve, air storage tank.
  • Material Tank : 125 Litre (250 kg). Stainless steel tank to avoid corrosion. Agitator with vertically mounted agitating arm. The Material Tank is provided with an outer jacket fitted with dial type temperature gauge 30°C to 400°C to maintain the uniform temperature of the material.
  • Electronic Skip-Line Device : Control panel is equipped with raised buttons; each button has its own symbol for ease of operation. Control unit is water proof. 10 Marking operations can be pre-programmed. Automatic marking system for cycle of beginning and stop by pressing just one button.
  • Glass Beads Dispenser : For 10cm and 15cm width. The unit is adjusted for minimum discharge of glass beads @ 300 gm/m². Linked via chain drive from wheels of the machine hence quantity of dispensed glass beads is constant irrespective of speed of the machine, thereby assuring constant quantity of beads every time at any marking speed. Glass beads storage box with glass window to monitor quantity available
  • Agitator Transmission : High torque hydraulic motor fitted on Stainless Steel Material Tank for continuous, uniform & consistent mixing of material. Hydraulic motor driven with motor shaft, safety valve and On-Off valve. Reversible mixing arrangement in thermoplastic tank.
  • Steering : Rack & Pinion system steering reducing strain on operator & producing straighter markings & smoother curves. Lower turning radius & excellent maneuverability.
  • Hydraulic Oil Tank : 35 Litre. Oil tank with suction filter.
  • Screed Shoe : Available in 10 & 15 cm widths.
  • Pneumatics : Pneumatic valves & fittings to avoid air leakages.
  • Burners : Accurate temperature monitoring & control through ring type burners for tank & screed.
  • Safety : Suitable temperature gauges provided separately for the paint tank, two fog lamps on front side & one safety traffic revolving light on the rear side with chargeable battery reduce the chances of accident.
  • Heating System : LPG supplies through heavy duty burners under the tank, screed box & hand torch.


Key Features

  • L2325 x W1275 x H1400mm
  • Dry Weight 900 Kg


  • Title : ISO 9001 2015 Certification
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    ISO 9001 2015 Certification

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    ANACON LABORATORIES, Nagpur is a NABIL accredited analytical testing laboratory and now a leading Environmental Consultancy firm in Central India region

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    National Test House, Delhi Kolkata and Mumbai, is largest multi-location, multi-disciplinary industrial testing laboratory in India.

  • Title : ANU LAB, AGRA
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    Anu Lab, Agra is a NABL accredited testing laboratory Aand the most technically advanced engineering laboratories in India offering a full range of testing and analytical services.

  • Title : Ministry of Roads, Republic of Kenya
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    Ministry of Roads, Republic of Kenya, also approved the Thermoplastic Road Marking Material confirming KS : 2157 standards. 

  • Title : IRC Accreditation Certification of Thermoplastic Material
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    Certificate of IRC Accreditation of New / Alternative Materials / Techniques / Technologies / Equipments for adoption in the Highway Sector Namely "AUTOMARK"- Thermoplastic Road Marking Material.